drifting towards the open sea

"And sometimes I drift towards the open sea, further and further away from you."
The text reads: “And sometimes I drift towards the open sea, further and further away from you.”

This was actually a line from a poem I was trying to write, and it was the only line I liked from it. The piece was low key and melancholic, but I didn’t like it as a whole. I pulled out this line and started experimenting with the font size and colours, partly as a passive-aggressive protest against all those cheery inspirational posters my friends kept sharing on Facebook. I was also fascinated by the idea of using only one font for a graphic without any illustrations, doing away with all the fancy borders and curlicues.

I’d been playing with the graphic on and off for months, because, well, what do I do with a line without context? I could post it on Facebook, but I’d get raised eyebrows and questions about what I was trying to hint at, so nah. Now I get to use it in the Discover challenge: mixing media.

Halfway through the word ‘further’ stopped making sense because I was staring at it too much. And then I started worrying about the difference between ‘further’ and ‘farther’. (Before you protest that one pertains to physical distance and the other to more abstract concepts, the Oxford Dictionary doesn’t really differentiate the two words and points out that ‘further’ is more common. It might be an American vs British English thing, but I’m definitely partial to ‘further’.)

The graphic was made using Inkscape. The font used is Georgia, in various sizes.


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