ready, set, go?

All the Nanowrimo prep posts are making me nervous. Mostly because there’s been no prepping in this corner, and 1 November is in less than four hours here.

. . . I’m still not sure what I’m writing. I’m not sure why I’m still thinking of participating. This is either going to crash and burn spectacularly or there’s going to be word vomit in the most epic way. I won’t bet on the latter, though.

(Oh, there is an outline, kinda sorta, but it builds on other stuff that I haven’t really worked on, and the characters don’t even have names and I’m not even sure if this is going to be in third person limited.)

Will I be posting updates here? Maybe, for accountability reasons and so forth, because, hey, I suck at keeping promises to myself. I don’t think I’ll be posting excerpts, though, since I’m the kind of person who edits the heck out of her posts before hitting that ‘publish’ button and there probably won’t be enough time for edits.

Good luck, fellow participants.


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