the US election, and the rest of us

It’s patently unfair that I’m keeping an eye on poll numbers coming in for a country that is not mine, yet whatever it decides will affect the rest of us in our distant corners of the globe anyway.

I hope you have chosen wisely, my friends.



Nanowrimo, day 2.

It’s only day two of Nanowrimo, and I’ve already been derailed. I started well enough in the wee dawn hours of 1 November, but ended up distracted by work and chores. My plan to continue it that night also came to naught, this time due to sibling time doing crossword puzzles. Yes. Crossword puzzles. Apparently none of us can solve Tuesday puzzles on our own, thus the collaborative effort. We’ve never attempted Sunday.

Nanowrimo 2016 statistics, Day 2.
Nanowrimo 2016 statistics, Day 2. The projected finish date strikes me as awfully amusing for some reason.


Today I came down with a really bad sore throat that’s becoming a terrible, hollow sounding cough, and a low-grade fever. I spent most of the day sleeping or sipping tea. I feel a bit better now, though my brain refuses to function well enough to actually write complete sentences. (I’ve been spacing out more than writing this blog post, despite having stared at this screen for some time.)

I hope I can manage those 1,696 words today before the carriage turns into a pumpkin, but even if I don’t, there’s still another 28 days to go. Right?