A single-column theme with no slide-out menu is a bit much to ask for, I suppose.

I’ve been switching between themes, trying to find one I liked and suited my content. It’s mildly perplexing that there are over 300 free themes and I have yet to find one that I’m completely pleased with.

Of course, the whole thing being “free” is part of the problem. A premium account would at least give me the ability to modify the CSS, or a  self-hosted WordPress site would let just code up the theme the way I want it to look.

I just can’t justify the expense, though. Especially at the current foreign exchange rate.

I was looking, generally, for a layout in a single column, with a top navigational menu but  no slide-out menu (those just annoy me, for whatever reason), with widgets in the footer. The current theme is Twenty Sixteen, which fulfils most of those requirements, except the footer widgets only appear on post pages. I rather like it, really. It’s clean and easy to read, though without the sidebar I’m a bit worried that people will get lost.

I dabbled a bit in web development when I was younger. A lot of it was self-taught, mostly by taking apart what was already there and building it back up. Oh, I did have the basics of  programming — I knew bits of Fortran and C and Matlab, but those were for school, and never seemed to have much use other than plotting really complicated graphs for really complicated equations. (I actually liked plotting those graphs.)

CSS and HTML were easy enough. I’m mostly ok with PHP, as long as you don’t ask me to do anything too complex. At one point, I was considering picking up Ruby on Rails, but it ended up as one of those things I never managed to get to.

I’m thinking of giving it another go one of these days. Along with a thousand other projects I have clamouring in my head. Ambition is a good thing, yes?